Freedom Series

Jim Oliver’s Freedom Series Music
CD / MP3 set

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These specially created pieces of music are offered to be as a companion for you and your own intentionality. Everything is vibration…frequencies and waveforms that form the essence of the vibrational environment around you. You radiate your emotions to the world and the world in turn mirrors this back to you offering the opportunity for reflection on your life.

How you resonate with and ride the waves is your choice. The music serves as a fluid texture bringing grace and ease, and revealing areas of contraction that can cause us to not be in flow with our own creative energies.

It is suggested that you set a clear intention for what you would like to receive and experience through the music. The more present you are with yourself and the music, the more you will be in your own place of self awareness and freedom…a place where your true self guides you and empowers you to be the miracle you already are.

You will notice that there are not many words in the descriptions of the music. The music is about you and your personal experience with the sacred container that you create for yourself.

Breathe in the Music – Be the Music – You are the Music. You are Your Own Music

Some suggested uses:

  • Healing arts, massage & bodywork, energy work, walking, being in nature, creative endeavors such as writing, painting, sculpting, play for children, pets, elderly. Wonderful for meal time, meditation, self-healing of body, mind, spirit and emotions.
  • Integrating higher frequencies into the physical body.
  • Medical procedures preparation, recovery, after care and even transitioning into formlessness.
  • Plants and gardens love Jim’s music.
  • For gracefully shifting negativity into wholeness and creating higher vibrations in offices. It’s the stress that makes you tired so listening to Jim’s music actually helps to rejuvenate you. People tell us that they actually feel refreshed at the end of the day rather than exhausted.

ITEM 1: The Abundance of Freedom
(Total Length 18:07)

Listen to a 4 minute audio clip

A gentle piano piece that invites you move and flow with calmness and purpose. You are a sovereign being and abundance naturally flows to you…receive with open arms and an open heart. There are choirs of angels sweetly singing their love and offering nurturing and comfort.

“Jim, your beautiful music has a magical way of taking us into another dimension…another realm. I truly felt that I was floating amongst the stars with the angels serenading…and experiencing ‘heaven right here on earth’. Thank you so much!” – Karen

CD-2ITEM 2: Residing in Love
(Total Length 22:22)

Listen to a 4 minute audio clip

Rest in the place of unconditional love…within Your True Self. Musical activations that are sometime soft and sustained…sometimes filled with passages of movement that welcome and encourage and support you on your path of Beingness. A soundtrack of your pure presence. Dynamic and purposeful…earthy and grounded and expanded to offer alignment and resonance with your intentionality. A galactic orchestra.


“I love your music and use it everyday in my work and for myself! Again, thank you for all your beautiful frequencies!! I feel as if I am healing the world by just playing your music and allowing the music to flow into the atmosphere! Blessings” – Carol

CD-3ITEM 3: The Freedom Of Your Higher Self – The Connectedness of Freedom
(Total Length 23:13)

Listen to a 4 minute audio clip

A journey through time and space to the place of self knowing and deep connection to all that is. Majestic, reflective and empowering. Moving in harmony with unlimited potential. The Music of the Spheres invites you to be the Symphony of Life. Electric piano, strings, choirs…Heavenly.


“The healing music was beautiful. I felt my aura being massaged. I cannot explain it any other way. Thank You!” – Fran, UK

CD-4ITEM 4: The Freedom To Be
(Total Length 9:00)

Listen to a 4 minute audio clip

A gentle piano piece for an immediate tuneup and reminder of how you are already in harmony and balance. Float weightlessly in the realm of peace and love…delicate and filled with light.




“Your music is incredible. I feel so light and peaceful when I listen. In Joy!” – K

CD-5ITEM 5: The Blessing of Freedom
(Total Length 37:47)

Listen to a 4 minute audio clip

Expansive and filled with imagery that you provide with your presence. Soaring and inspiring. Low bass offers a gateway for the higher frequencies to embrace you. Uplifting and lush. You are Freedom and you share that blessing with your self and the world.


“I felt it in my heart – feels like something let loose. It brought tears to my eyes but I don’t know why or what was released. My heart is still vibrating with the music.” – Julie, VA

CD-6ITEM 6: The Miracle You Are
(Total Length 54:00)

Listen to a 4 minute audio clip

This music is deeply engaging and truly is a meditation in and of itself. Sit in silence when it is completed and allow the light encoded divine intelligence to fill your physical and non-physical Self. The magic of this musical transmission is that you receive what you are ready for and each time you listen it builds on itself and unfolds into the next AH Hah moment.
When you have a foundation of knowing thyself as Pure Presence, Self Actualization and manifestation naturally follows. May we all celebrate the emerging Co-Creative Divine Feminine Energy!

“Have been to listening to Jim Oliver, all night long, after buying the package. His work is GLOWING – absolutely nourishing, healing and illuminating. Thank you! Blessings,” – Dan


CD-6ITEM 7: Your Invitation to Freedom
(Total Length 30:00)

Listen to a 4 minute audio clip

Your invitation to give yourself full permission to resonant with and embody True Freedom. True Liberation. This musical piece is specially created for gently welcoming the essence of your unlimited creativity and imagination from which your clear intentions become fulfilled.


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