Return Policy


It takes many days/weeks/months for Jim to create these unique musical recordings. They are the result of 57 years of music study, 34 years of
researching the most effective, beneficial and musical ways to create transformational music, approximately 3500 hours of recorded original music,
and approximately 70,000 hours of studying, practicing, performing and playing music. We provide a sample clip of many of the pieces of music so our customers can experience the essence of the music prior to purchasing. There is a substantial amount of information offered on the website and on the tele summit call which provides customers a good amount of information and musical experience prior to making a purchase.

We do not offer returns for MP3 downloads or live events.

We will replace defective CDs. We will not replace CDs damaged by the customer – typically that is the issue.dirty and/or scratched discs.

Thank You.